Can Extinction Rebellion Survive?

Dissent, Winter 2020 XR promised to transcend politics as we know it. Yet politics has a stubborn way of catching up with those who disavow it. Ten years ago, as world leaders headed to Copenhagen for the fifteenth annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, dignitaries hailed the event as the last chance to avert catastrophe. … Continue reading Can Extinction Rebellion Survive?

Don’t Mess With French Pensions

The Nation, December 6, 2019 Emmanuel Macron’s latest bugbear: a million angry French citizens striking against his proposed pension reforms.  After a year of protests that dragged his popularity to record lows and forced significant concessions from his government, French President Emmanuel Macron might have thought twice before staking “Act Two” of his presidency on … Continue reading Don’t Mess With French Pensions

Climate Politics after the Yellow Vests

Dissent, Spring 2019 Far from being anti-environment, the gilets jaunes have exposed the greenwashing of Macron’s deeply regressive economic and social agenda. I first passed the protest camp on Christmas Eve, as the sun was setting and most of the country was preparing to sit down for the holiday dinner. So were twenty-odd local gilets … Continue reading Climate Politics after the Yellow Vests