After the Coal Rush

Dissent, April 26, 2021 In Montceau-les-Mines, a French town once dependent on coal mining, there was no just transition from fossil fuels. Once a left-leaning industrial hub, Montceau today is an open field for the far right. If there’s one part of the world that’s synonymous with wine, it’s the region of Burgundy, in east-central … Continue reading After the Coal Rush

Can Extinction Rebellion Survive?

Dissent, Winter 2020 XR promised to transcend politics as we know it. Yet politics has a stubborn way of catching up with those who disavow it. Ten years ago, as world leaders headed to Copenhagen for the fifteenth annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, dignitaries hailed the event as the last chance to avert catastrophe. … Continue reading Can Extinction Rebellion Survive?

Beyond “Conflict Minerals”: The Congo’s Resource Curse Lives On

Dissent, Spring 2014 “In sub-Saharan Africa,” a video at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show announces, “there is war that feeds off of global demand for electronics. The place is the DRC—the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The region is ground zero for conflict minerals.” Tech giants including Intel and Apple are now working with NGOs … Continue reading Beyond “Conflict Minerals”: The Congo’s Resource Curse Lives On