A few of the Dissent projects I’m most proud of:

The Right to a Home

Special section of Dissent, Fall 2018, co-edited with historian Thomas J. Sugrue

Hot & Bothered

A podcast on climate politics for the 99%, co-hosted by Kate Aronoff and Daniel Aldana Cohen and produced/edited by me.

Season 1 spans January 2016–February 2017, with dispatches on energy municipalization in London; the fight against oil-industry abuses in Nigeria; housing and environmental justice in the Bay Area; the prospects for a Green New Deal; and more. Plus a few bonus episodes, in collaboration with our Canadian friends at Cited.

Season 2 spans April–June 2020, i.e. the beginning of the Covid-19 era. Guests include Raj Patel, on hunger and the pandemic; Bethany McLean, on the burst of the fracking bubble; and Jasson Perez, J. Mijin Cha, and Patrick Houston, on the uprisings for racial justice.

The Fight for Climate Justice

Special section of Dissent, Spring 2016, co-edited with Todd Gitlin

Miscellaneous editing

A few pieces I enjoyed working on:

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, How Real Estate Segregated America, Fall 2018

Alexander Jusdanis, The Making of a Water Crisis, August 2018

Kamil Ahsan, Kashmir’s New Uprising, May 2017

Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, Martin Luther King’s Radical Legacy, From the Poor People’s Campaign to Black Lives Matter, January 2017

Jedediah Purdy, What Trump’s Rise Means for Democracy, May 2016

Take Back the Land! Two approaches to decommodifying housing, by Karen Narefsky and Aaron Tanaka, November 2015

Income for All: Two Visions for a New Economy, a roundtable on universal basic income and a federal job guarantee with contributions from Kathi Weeks, Darrick Hamilton, and Alyssa Battistoni, November 2015

Thea Riofrancos, Beyond the Petrostate: Ecuador’s Left Dilemma, Summer 2015

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