Top state lawmakers oppose Cuomo’s push to override NYC’s landmark climate law

New York Focus, February 18, 2021

A new analysis finds that the governor’s proposal would “completely undermine” New York City’s climate law, setting the stage for a clash with the newly emboldened legislature.

It’s just two paragraphs, buried toward the end of the nearly 4,000 pages making up Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed state budget for 2022. Yet critics say this obscure budget measure could undermine one of the most ambitious local climate laws in the world: New York City’s Local Law 97, which requires the city’s big buildings to slash their greenhouse gas emissions 40% over the next decade and 80% by 2050.

Part R of the Transportation, Economic Development and Environmental Conservation bill — one of a dozen pieces of legislation making up Cuomo’s proposed Executive Budget for 2022 — would allow building owners to meet their emissions targets under Local Law 97 by buying credits for renewable energy produced elsewhere in the state.

New analysis of Part R suggests the proposal’s impact could be even larger than critics initially feared. 

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