I’m a NYC-based reporter covering climate change and environmental issues for New York Focus.

From 2019 through mid-2022, I was a freelance journalist covering climate, housing, and inequality for a variety of outlets. I also worked the news desk at France 24, having joined in May 2019 during a year-odd stint living in Paris.

From 2013–18, I was a staff editor at Dissent magazine; after leaving the staff, I continued producing and editing podcasts for Dissent, including a season of Hot & Bothered and two years’ worth of Belabored. I currently serve on Dissent’s editorial board.

In May–June 2021, I was a fellow at the Metcalf Institute’s Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists, and in January 2023, I participated in the Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism.

I tweet somewhat erratically @colinreads. You can contact me with tips, story ideas, feedback, and the like at colin [at] nysfocus [dot] com, or message me for my cell/Signal number.